School toolkit

Resources for school staff

School toolkit

Resources for school staff

School toolkit: tools for developing young people’s mental health

Because school is a place where teens learn about all aspects of their lives, you have the opportunity to play a significant role in the development of their mental health.

Are you on short time because of your overloaded schedules?
You can introduce mental health in any way you want: in small bites or in a comprehensive way.

All our tools are simple and turnkey. They were developed with leading experts to educate your students and inform you, going beyond our in-class awareness workshops. Our tools were designed specifically for teenagers aged 12 to 18.

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7 essential skills have been identified to help your young people keep their balance.
Remember: a young person who can manage their emotions and respond appropriately to their needs is both a better student and a happier human being.

Every initiative counts in mental health

Tools for every need


  • Learning to manage stress and anxiety
  • Helping students to be focused and calm
  • Practising meditation in your school
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Social relationships

  • Developing good relationships with others
  • Managing your emotions for better communication
  • Handling conflict effectively
  • Understanding the impact of social media
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Psychological distress

  • Understanding teen mental health
  • Distinguishing between the blues and depression
  • Helping young people through moments of crisis
  • Helping a young person
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  • Developing young people’s potential
  • Promoting a positive body image
  • Working against bullying in your school
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  • Understanding brain development in teens
  • Helping young people find their personality
  • Raising awareness of every person’s strengths and values
  • Supporting the process of becoming independent
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  • Cultivating mental health
  • Overcoming challenges with kind self-talk
  • Resisting addictions
  • Managing school stress
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Social commitment

  • Encouraging young people to get involved in a cause
  • Supporting their entry into the workforce

This section is still being developed; we will soon have content available for you!

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2 out of every 10 secondary students are diagnosed with anxiety, depression or an eating disorder.


More than half of teens report feeling stress on a daily basis


Depression is the #1 cause of illness or disability among adolescents worldwide

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« Students have told us many times that they have tried mindfulness and have seen the benefits for themselves. We also believe that during this particularly trying time for our young people, your content will have helped a large number of them become aware of the impact they can have on their mental health. »

Collège Ville-Marie

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Collège Ville-Marie


Workshop on mental health basics

This workshop, offered free of charge to schools, is intended for Grade 7 to 8 students. It is designed to give teens the keys to good mental health. Using these tools, they can:

  • Reduce the risk of developing anxiety and depression
  • Develop their ability to be introspective
  • Maintain good relationships with others
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Partners for life workshop

For 25 years, our flagship Partners for Life workshop has been raising awareness of teen depression among young people aged 14 to 18 (Grade 9 to 11), parents, teachers and youth workers. During this workshop, young people learn about:

  • The importance of having good mental health
  • The difference between having the blues and being depressed
  • The signs and symptoms of depression
  • Available resources for getting help for themselves or for someone else
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