The award

The Prix Inspiration is an award of recognition that aims to highlight the contribution of a youth aid organization funded by the foundation—an organization that stands out for the quality of its management, its sense of entrepreneurship, its innovative projects, its commitment, and the impact its programs have on at-risk youth.

Fondation Jeunes en Tête seeks to recognize a partner who has implemented new strategies and effective action plans to address the needs of troubled youth and improve their wellbeing within the community.

Two winners are honoured each year, one from Quebec/Eastern Quebec, and one from Montreal and other administrative regions of Quebec.

The jury

A panel, independent of the foundation, analyzes and assesses the merits of projects presented according to established evaluation criteria, including the organization’s credibility, sound governance, and the impact of projects on youth.

This jury, brilliantly chaired by Jean-Paul Gagné, publisher emeritus of Les Affaires newspaper, is composed of Édith Boulianne, Bruno Déry, Daphne Mailloux-Rousseau, Lise Lapierre, Daniel Lapointe, Luc Richer, and Manon Normandeau.

The winners

Each winner receives a $5,000 scholarship and the finalists receive a $1,000 scholarship. Here are all the winners and finalists of the Prix Inspiration:


Montreal and other regions


Winner: Je Passe Partout

Finalists: Pour 3 Points, Toujours ensemble


Winner: Exeko

Finalists: Centre des Jeunes l’Escale, Maison des Jeunes of Saint-Sauveur / Piedmont 


Winner: Les Fourchettes de L’espoir

Finalists: Toujours Ensemble, Ensemble pour la Diversité


Winner: L’Ancre des Jeunes

Finalists: Kekpart, Les Fourchettes de L’espoir, Maison Jeunes-Est


Quebec/Eastern Quebec


Winner: Option-travail

Finalists: Les Œuvres Jean Lafrance, SQUAT Basse-Ville



Winner: Gestion Jeunesse

Finalists: Centre D’amitié Autochtone, Centre Cyber-Aide


Winner: Integr’Action Jeunesse


Winner: Motivaction Jeunesse

Finalists: Au Trait D’union, Intégr’Action Jeunesse


Winner: Jeunes Musiciens du Monde

Finalists: Motivaction Jeunesse, Intégr’Action Jeunesse, Les Œuvres Jean-Lafrance, Carrefour Jeunesse Emploi de la Capitale Nationale

Presentation of the winners